White Queen

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White Queen Marijuana Seeds




Her Royal Highness, The White Queen…

The Empress among the white marijuana genetics.

White Queen is considered to be the most proficient strain that is related to White Widow. In fact, it is called the “Empress” of the white marijuana strains and is regarded as the most potent strain having a THC of around 20% to 25%. When grown, it is covered in large crystals which is also why it is regarded as the queen because it is seemingly covered in diamonds.

Since it is powerful, it is typically not advised for new smokers.  In addition, this strain is preferred due to its deliciously fruity taste and very gentle scent.

Due to its properties and demands, people see that it is worth their investments and efforts to plant White Queen Strains.  It can be grown both indoors or outdoors, but the expected yield is highly affected by it.  When planted indoors, the yield is around 18 oz per square yard at a height of about 2-3 feet.  If planted outdoors, the yield could be over 1.5 lbs per plant at a height of 6-7 feet.

Generally, growing White Queen would range between easy to moderate efforts, especially if one is already a seasoned grower.  But, with that being said, it is still considered easy enough for novice growers.  It takes between eight to nine weeks for the entire growing period to complete.

White Queen aids in helping people with anxiety concerns and it also helps ease migraine symptoms.  White Queen increases appetite.

An absolute must for the connoisseur.