Sweet Tooth

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Sweet Tooth Marijuana Seeds


Sweet Tooth is just one of those super fast growing, ultra vigorous, amazing strains.

This plant loves water and Magnesium! It absolutely goes nuts in a hydro set-up, growing big thick strong stalks and is almost tree-like, very big strong fan leaves with big ultra fat indica webs and veins, but strangely stays very flexible despite its strength if pulled down by the weight of it`s massive cola structures and trains well on the outer branches. Could do a huge plant in a little cabinet and nobody would know! Makes the whole room smell like baby aspirins or something. The appearance is ridiculous, this strain is the most crystally, totally caked in glands and the smell is really really sweet and ultra citrus/fruity, like Smuckers jam.  The nuggets weigh more than they appear to.

The smoke is thick and white if you flush them right, and the taste is sublime godly poopy hash. It is very mold resistant and mature outdoors around the beginning to second week of September in the USA, beating the frost basically everywhere. If you want something that is very strong genetically, and shows sex under constant light at like 3 weeks from seed so you can pull the males early and concentrate on the ladies, then this Sweet Tooth is the strain for you.

The smoke of this strong indica and light sativa cannabis combination is above average with smooth tastes that are not overwhelming.

The high it produces is sufficient enough to last for an hour or so, but it gives a more of a body high than a head high.