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Sweet Tooth Feminized Marijuana Seeds




Sweet Tooth Feminized is regarded as one of the most  potent strains of marijuana. When it reaches maturity it is likened to a plant covered in snow, producing a pleasant fruity scent.  Its effects include a nice and relaxing buzz, allowing one to feel really good.  In addition to its nice fruity aroma, it is splendidly sweet and juicy with a very agreeable taste that lingers for some time.  The perfect combination of sativa and indica properties allows great effects of stoned and high.  In fact, some call it as the ‘ultimate sativa/indica hybrid’.

It can be grown outdoors, but it is highly advisable to grow it indoors, with enough room to grow.  In ideal conditions, the expected yield is around 16 oz per square yard and about 3 feet tall, but if there is more than enough room, it can grow a lot taller.

Sweet Tooth Feminized is highly resistant to molds.  For outdoor grows, the entire growing process is typically complete within 65 to 75 days and relatively high yields are expected when done in the beginning of October.

The nice appearance when it matures is due to the buds that have developed into large colas covered with sticky resin, definitely a good outcome of the combination of Afghani, Hawaiian and Nepalese origins.

It may be considered as one of the potent strains, its pleasant and smooth taste and smooth flavoring makes it popular among selective smokers.  It is good for those who are looking for a strain that can deliver a cheerful and uplifting outlook when smoked and one that provides relaxing effects in general.

Each plant grows into a compact plant with generous lateral branches which is ideal for SOG and SCROG techniques and other methods such as Super Cropping and Topping systems.  One thing is for sure, the yield is always great whichever methods are used for growing.  In addition, the quality will be enormously dense and truly fragrant.

Sweet Tooth Feminized has been given multiple recognitions due to its quality and yields.