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The classic, “old school” mix of Colombian, Mexican and Afghan strains offers growers and smokers one of the most stable strains ever produced . Sativa dominant with a low stretch-point in the pre-flower phase make Skunk the perfect variety for growers of all levels of experience.

The plant delivers excellent yields with long, thick bud growth and the low leaf ratio makes this an easy strain to manicure after harvest.

This strain has been tested at 19.7% THC making it a favorite among medicinal users. The flavor is citrusy-sweet perfection.  Some of the medical usage of Skunk includes stress and pain reliever, aids in boosting one’s appetite and it makes the users feel euphoric and uplifted.

Skunk gives a very balanced high, not too racy and not too couch lockey.  A little more of a daytime type high than night-time, making it a definite motivation booster.