Orange Kush

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Orange Kush Marijuana Seeds




Orange Kush is an OG Kush hybrid.  It is known to have retained a good side of the premium strains that the OG Kush has.

This plant produces big fat buds that are full of oozing resin.  It is named Orange Kush because It is lime green, in color, with orange and red stigmas.

The weed smells dank and has a sweet and pungent taste.  It  has a fragrant tropical scent whenever it is smoked.  It has an aftertaste of a lemon candy.

After this weed is smoked, its effects kick in fast, and it has long lasting effects which can make the smoker high for hours.

It has good medicinal properties which are great for anxiety, depression, body pain, stress and also anorexia.   It has a strong relaxation effect which also provides you with benefits.

It starts in the head, and then goes down to the body.  It is perfect for usage if you want to take a nap or take  some time to unwind during the evening before you go to bed.

Orange Kush is known to produce hormones that will give you a good vibration and keep you happy for several  hours….This Helps with Depression!