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Origins: White Widow x potent father

Nebula means starcloud. this variety received the name for its stellar qualities. Nebula has an open structure that is excellent for indoor farming where the plants perform with optimal results in a sea-of-green setup. Using 20 plants per square yard in this system, yields can be as high as 20 oz. Not too finicky, Nebula will do well in hydro, coco, or soil indoors. This variety has been successfully grown outdoors in Holland and would an appropriate choice for outdoor gardens in temperate zones that offer a 9 week minimum flowering time, before the first frost.

The Nebula Auto- Flowering is the type of plant that doesn’t require too much maintenance to produce the best quality.  Make sure that you are using good quality soil in order to produce a good growing plant.  Be sure to handle her with care.

Nebula stretches slightly, but produces fat buds when placed under lots of light. Like the name suggests, Nebula twinkles with the coating of THC glands, which are bound to take you into the realm of space – or possibly just make you spacey. The buzz is transcendental and cerebral, sometimes bordering on the psychedelic. Nebula may earn the nickname “honey pot” for it’s sweet smell and distinctively honeyed fruit flavor. This variety is a fun, tasty, smoke, even for the veteran stoner.

3rd Place, High Times Cannabis Cup 1999 (Sativa)
2nd Place, High Times Cannabis Cup 2005 (Sativa)