N.L. X Big Bud

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Northern Lights X Big Bud

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Northern Lights x Big Bud was developed with the grower and smoker in mind. Big Bud has outrageous yield, but tends to be a little weak for the heavy smoker. Crossing Big Bud with a very potent Northern lights has made a more potent bud without losing hardly any of the yield. The smoke from Northern Lights x Big Bud is rich and deep and the taste is lightly skunky.

Northern Lights was winner of the 1988, 1989, and 1990 cannabis cup; crossed with Big Bud (one of the most commercial plants in the 1980´s and 90´s because of its production) makes it ideal for indoors because of its resin covered buds.

Northern Lights x Big Bud delivers bigger, stronger flowers, more yields, and more of that delightful Northern Lights quality.

She is of great medical value and is ideal against anxiety because of her equal percentage of cannabinoids and ideal for growers with little space because of its great production.

She produces a light fruity flavor smooth light smoke and a good strong high. Its high value in CBD gives you the sensation of a middle high.  Could be used for any therapeutic use.