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Origins: Hawaiian Islands

Originally from Hawaii, this old school strain has spread its wonderful genetics all over the world, becoming a true classic over the last few decades. Maui Wowie brings the spirit of the Islands with its tropical aroma and taste, as well as the euphoric and uplifting sativa high.

True to its sativa genetics, Maui Waui grows as a tall and lanky plant that has a longer flowering period and is ready for harvest in early October.  It is recommended to grow this strain outdoors in the tropical climates, and indoors anywhere else. During early growing stages, this plant grows fat leaves to accomodate the extra amount of light it gets. As it matures, Maui Waui starts growing thin sativa-like leaves to allow more light to get thru as well as redirecting more energy to developing buds. For best results, provide your Maui Waui plants with lots of light and healthy, nutrient rich soil.

Maui Waui has a citrusy aroma and smooth, fruity, tropical flavor. Its euphoric, uplifting high is light and energetic, making this strain perfect for outdoor activities like hiking or hanging out on the beach.

Like most sativa strains, Maui Waui is valued by the medical marijuana community for its qualities beneficial to people suffering from stress, depression and anxiety, anorexia, and chronic pain.