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Mango is a 100% indica strain that grows large and produces prodigiously.

Don’t let Mango’s slow start fool you – this variety will eventually rival to an impressive size, which is especially intended for outdoor grows. If you want Mango to stay at an average size in an outdoor garden, allow only 3 weeks of vegetative time and transplant outdoors as late as July in Northern latitudes.

Mango can also be grown in an indoor garden, but needs a lot of space. If you want some monster indoor plants, allow seedlings or clones to vegetate for 3-4 weeks before changing to a 12/12 light regimen. Mango gardeners must rule with an iron fist if they want to manage the size of this plant, and it is important to start the discipline early. Accomplish this by starting the flowering phase about 1-2 weeks after the seedling has sprouted and proven vigorous. Once established, Mango plants will grow so fast, you can practically watch them change height in front of your eyes.

Mango buds are massive and weighty, growing to lengths of 18 inches and the circumference of a woman’s calf. Luckily the branches give sturdy support. As it matures, this plant’s foliage can turn a very red to reddish purple color. The smell and taste is sweet mango and the stone is an even, mellow body sensation.

This is favored by most smokers and growers because of its looks, it is easy to maintain, and it has a very smooth and sweet taste with a high amount of potency that kicks in during usage.

It is known to be very relaxing whenever it is smoked, and it provides an instantaneous amount of buzz that will make you feel warm. It has a very high potency that lasts for three to four hours.

The plant is also known for its medicinal benefits to help relieve body pain, insomnia, stress and depression.

The Mango strain has one of the sweetest flavors that you will surely love. The scent itself is even fragrant. Be sure to take a hike, relax and just enjoy the moment when you get high.