Malawi Gold

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Origins: Salima region, Malawi, Africa

Malawi Gold is the quintessential sativa, with large slim fan leaves that often become very dark in color. These plants like to grow tall, and branch heavily, and may develop reddish-purple coloration as they mature. The structure is pyramidal, much like a Christmas tree. Malawi Gold likes to grow large with multiple branches, all of which will yield some lovely buds.

Malawi Gold is well known as some of the best and finest sativa from Africa. In Malawi, the buds are cured after being tightly bound in banana leaf to give a compact, potent gold-colored product. This variety is grown in several regions of Malawi, where it can range in size from 6-12 feet depending on the conditions and growing time. Malawi Gold likes warm climates with daytime temperatures over 80 degrees F and 5 months minimum frost free periods. Germination is improved by matching this plant’s native conditions.

As an equatorial sativa, the maturation time is considerable, but the resulting buds are sticky, with visible resin glands. Outdoors, buds can grow up to 2 feet long. The smell is pleasantly sweet and refreshing, while the smoke is slightly bitter with pineapple and almond aftertastes. The buzz has an enjoyably alert mental clarity, but is very psychoactive and the high is long lasting.