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Malawi Gold Auto Marijuana Seeds




The Malawi Gold strain is one of the oldest cannabis strains. It originates from the Tanzania region of Africa.  Since the strain originated and survived in a sub-tropical region, it is important to note that this is the best environment for the plant.

Auto-Flowering means there is no need to use the 12/12 photoperiod method. However, monitor and control temperature in the plant environment and set 80 degrees Fahrenheit as the grow temperature and keep it around 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night in order to simulate Malawi Gold’s natural habitat.

Growing Malawi Gold Auto-Flowering seeds is easy once you get to know the simple steps you need to take. However, inexperienced growers should do a lot of research before growing the Malawi Gold successfully.

Growing outdoors is recommended only for climates similar to that of the Tanzanian region.  If you live in a different climate, it is best to use indoor planting systems to maintain an environment optimal for the plant’s health.

The plant has very dense buds that are covered with bright orange to reddish hair which are coated with thick resin.  Its texture is very sticky.

Because of its natural origins, this strain  can grow a lot bigger than most, especially hybrids.  Outdoors or in its original environment, it can grow to 12 feet and sometimes even higher.  Indoors, it can grow up to 6 feet depending on the room provided.

It is important to consider is its size.  It grows tall and its buds are dense, this means it will eventually need something to lean on. Construct stakes and tie it to the branches to help the plant support its own weight.  A little extra effort and the plant rewards with big yields.

Although these seeds are Auto-Flowering, it still takes a longer than other strains to flower.  It takes approximately 10 weeks to flower because of its size.

Whatever it lacks in quickness to mature, it more than compensates with its big yields. A single plant can easily produce 1.5 lbs, if grown outdoors.

Since it is a pure sativa strain, the high it brings when smoked comes with a highly uplifting feeling plus an energetic and euphoric vibe.  It also helps creativity slightly. It may cause cotton mouth.

Medically, it can be used to relive stress, insomnia and pain.  It is also great in fighting depression.  It does give a slight boost to appetite.