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Low Ryder Feminized Auto-Flowering

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Low Ryder Feminized is an auto-flowering strain a result of the crossbreeding between two high quality strains namely Top 44 and Early Special.

This plant is designed for quickness and abundance.  Top 44 was known for its ability to produce commercially worthwhile amounts of strong, skunky buds in just 44 days – Low Ryder has inherited this ability.  While it also got its ability to auto-flower from Early Pearl which has Siberian Ruderalis genes.

Low Ryder plants stay almost comically small, growing no taller than 16 inches, while 12 inches is typical. All plants auto-flower in a short period of time. After a 2-3 week seedling phase, these plants go directly into flowering and finish in a speedy 40-45 days. Indoors, she performs well in soil or hydro systems, especially in sea of green setups. Due to the auto-flowering characteristic, lights can be left on for 18-24 hours a day, while a 12/12 cycle only diminishes growth and yields.  Because Low Ryder’s life cycle is short, cloning is often impractical.

Outdoors, Low Ryder can be grown virtually in any climate, and has pushed the envelope with successful cultivation in unlikely places such as Finland, the Northwest Territories and other high latitude or altitude locations with very short seasons. Due to the diminutive size, this strain is also well adapted and easily contained when cultivated in a backyard or patio garden, or as a windowsill plant.

Low Ryder forms one main bud that averages 6 inches in length. Smaller buds start very close to the ground, and form along other branches, exhibiting very close nodes. They have a slightly irregular shape with thick pistils and orange coloration. This strain’s leaf blades are often slightly whorled with long petioles, which give ample clearance between the stem and leaf for bud formation and air circulation on this pint-sized plant.

This is a must for growers with limited space and for those who simply want to finish quickly.

The quality of this strain is always amazing considering how little time it takes to flower.

The Low Ryder high comes on slowly, uplifting with its smooth yet strong smoke that tastes of pleasant, earthy undertones. This is a well-rounded buzz that is suited for outdoor activities.