Lambs Bread

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Lamb’s Bread is a strain that is known to have originated in Jamaica.  It is Jamaica’s most famous weed. Talked about and smoked by Bob Marley and said to have been his favorite smoke.  There is lots of controversy about the name in the community, if it’s lambs breath or lambs bread or if they are 2 different things and how it got it’s name, if the truth be said no one really knows.

Typically, Lamb’s Bread is dark green in color and has a sticky sativa texture.  It is considered to be a grade B sativa strain.

It is a medium-height plant that usually produces a yield of around 12 – 16 oz per square yard under optimum conditions.

Despite the beauty of its flowers, the smell is not very pleasant.  It has a pungent odor. Some compare the aroma of Lamb’s Bread to old cheese.  Some say it smells dank and spicy with a hint of lemon.

On the other hand, the somewhat unpleasant smell does not translate to taste.  It tastes sweet with a hint of the kush flavor and leaves a pine aftertaste in the mouth.  It sort of tastes like a sweet flavored cigar.

Since the plant is mostly sativa, it is recommended for those who want to “wake and bake”.  It gives an energetic, creative, uplifting high that will give you the ability to focus and concentrate without being bored.  In comparison to other sativa varieties, this strain is very mellow.

Due to the warm-headed high it gives, it is good to use for the relief of headaches and migraines, as well as, stress related conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Not recommended for partying even if it gives off an energetic high because the body buzz it gives is quite negligible. This strain is fit for a relaxed ambience for reading, writing, or other creative activities.

The high usually takes effect in a few minutes and lasts for an hour or so, depending on the amount smoked.