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Ruderalis genetics make Dutch Treat Auto very well suited for growing outdoor in more Northern countries.  Dutch Auto is made up of Northern Light, Ruderalis, Santa Maria, Hawaiian Sativa and Afghani Gold genetics.  She is a 55% Indica plant and has a decent THC level of around 10 to 15% and a high level of CBD.

Dutch Treat Auto is a short, compact plant since she has no growing period.  She is quite leafy however. Preferably keep her on a 18/6 light cycle if grown indoors.  She will start to show the first pistils after only about 2.5 weeks.  Leaves and buds have a distinctive light green color. Although, one out of two known phenotypes will tend to be slightly darker.  It has dense and sticky buds, with gold trichomes all over.  Her size makes her suitable for SOG.

She is a stable strain and produces heavier, more compact buds than her predecessors. The buds have a fruity, floral and skunky smell.  She is an extremely smooth smoke with a couch-lock body stoned high.

Dutch Treat Auto- Flowering is a type of marijuana strain that produces a powerful citrus scent which is the reason why users will experience certain harshness with its smoke and with a taste similar to orange and eucalyptus.

Dutch Treat Auto- Flowering is perfect in relieving the stress you have had from work.  It relaxes your whole body with a warm feeling until it eliminates the tension that your shoulders have gone through.

If you are searching for the best solution to alleviate your mood, Dutch Treat Auto Flowering can be considered an effective way for you to take hold of.   With the fact that you can put your body into total relaxation, it alleviates your mood.

When compared to other cannabis plants, the smoke can be quite thick, which can sometimes irritate your throat.

When using Dutch Treat Auto Flowering you will feel energized.  It seems you are always busy, but never stressed out.  It can be a great way to keep your body in action that you will no longer have to use energy drinks or other energizing products available in the market.

Dutch Treat Auto Flowering is also useful to fight depression, anxiety, migraine, arthritis, multiple Sclerosis, and gastrointestinal disorders.  Patients who have tried using Dutch Treat Auto Flowering for their situations have experienced satisfying results.