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Durban Poison is a F1 cross of a sativa strain from a secret garden located just outside Durban, South Africa and a potent, early Dutch skunk.  Imported from South Africa and produced in Holland.

This strain is famous throughout the world.  This plant is best suited for outdoor growing.

This strain grows tall with large long bud leaves. Long, tight buds that have a sweet earthy flavor which has a hint sweet licorice or anise flavor.  Famous for its trippy up high!

The plant causes an extremely joyful upbeat , although somewhat relaxed and tranquil high.

Users will experience a very euphoric effect in the beginning and will start to wear off after two or three hours. This is mostly considered as a smoke a go kind of strain as users aren’t left feeling groggy after it wore off.

The strain won third place at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup simply because it offers a very clean, cerebral sensation to fight off stress and anxiety. It is also useful in treating some symptoms of depressions such as lethargy, loss of appetite, fatigue and attention deficit.