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Diesel is an experience on its own, fresh and fruity beyond belief combined with a subtle hint of freshly pressed hashish.

This Diesel is a quick growing Sativa / Indica hybrid that requires just a short time of vegetative growth before putting her into the flowering cycle.  However,  this depends upon your personal requirements.

You can expect the Diesel to double in height during her 9 week  flowering period.  This strain is potentially high yielding.  The large elongated buds from the Sativa side of this hybrid will, thanks to the Indica influences,  grow more compact during the last few, important, weeks of the flowering cycle.

The plants are very similar to one another, making it an excellent choice for sea of green (SoG) crops.  Its flowers and leaves become purple and golden at the end of the flowering cycle, which a delight to behold.

The buds have the unmistakeable smell of diesel that has generated its reputation on both sides of the ocean. For those more observant, it hides a hint of citrus and even spiciness, just rounding out its character.

The cannabinoid profile of the Diesel leans more towards the Sativa side, uplifting and euphoric, with the slightest evidence of Indica related relaxation, a great companion to a night out.  It has a sweet sativa taste.