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This powerful, automatic flowering Diesel hybrid can go from 0 to 2 oz in only 60 days. This strain is a hybrid of the classic New York City Diesel crossed with the awesome Low Ryder #2.

Diesel Automatic offers the well-known and much-loved taste and aroma of the New York City Diesel while offering quicker harvests thanks to the auto-flowering genetics gained from its Low Ryder #2 parent.  Like all the newer auto-flowering hybrids, it has an improved yield and better flavour compared to many of the original auto-flowering strains.

It is a fast and powerful strain (good growers can expect  3 – 4 oz per plant) and takes around 8 weeks for the whole growth cycle. This means it can grow almost anywhere, and is ideal for small grow tents, cupboards or guerrilla grows outdoors.   It normally grows to a height of around 20 to 28 inches  indoors, but can grow larger if given space or grown outdoors.

Diesel Automatic has a strong odor, so please keep this in mind if growing in more discreet conditions. Its flavour is mainly the chemical, fuel-like diesel taste but not quite as overpowering.  There is also a slight citrus aroma in the buds.  If you like New York City Diesel, but don’t have the time, space or ability to grow it – then Diesel Automatic is the perfect strain for you.

Growing Diesel Auto-flowering Feminized plants from seeds is easy thus this is a good choice for beginners or even those who are experts at growing but would like to harvest their weed fast.  Since its specimens are very uniform, this is excellent for Sea of Green method.