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Chem Dawg Marijuana Seeds




This strain is considered  to be the parent strain of the OG Kush and the Sour Diesel.  It is named after its breeder, Chemdawg, who developed this strain after multiple attempts of breeding different kinds of cannabis strains to perfect a high quality strain.

Most of the Diesel strains of cannabis are said to origination from Chemdawg.  This includes Sour, Headband, and NYC Diesel.

Chemdawg  can be grown outdoors, it can readily be harvested  in the month of October at up to 2 lbs per plant. This considers Chemdawg to be one of the highest yielding cannabis ever.

Its colas can be very huge and dense.  Commonly, reaching a diameter of 6 inches.

It is vulnerable to mold attacks and mildew.  This means that one must be particularly concerned on the ventilation of the grown room.  Always have a low humidity level and fresh moving air.  That is if one considers growing Chemdawg indoors.

It has that particularly strong scent which resembles that of a combination of the pine and jet fuel.  This provides a very strong high and this is not  recommended for beginning users who might not be able to afford the kick that it gives.

Chemdawg provides that instant strong high that can last last for hours.  However, it gives that relaxing effect to the body but will keep you mildly sedated and remain in the couch for hours at end.

This is best in the treatment of pain,  and is also being used to stimulate sleep and appetite.