California Dream Fem

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California Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds



California is attached to its name because it is where the strain originated from.  It does contain genetics from Mexico and Afghanistan.

To attain maximum harvest output of California Dream Feminized, the grower must follow the proper guidelines presented to ensure a high yield.  It is recommended that it is only grown by experts who have sufficient knowledge in how to grow this properly.   She is a large producer under optimum conditions.  Big fat buds covered with loads of resin.  Failure to follow the correct steps will result in not nearly as high of yields.

It can be grown both outdoor and indoor.  But what is highly suggested for this strain is for it to be planted in an indoor environment where the temperature is warm enough and the needed nutrients are present for it to thrive.  If grown outdoors, the climate should be tropical.

This strain contains a high citrusy flavor that gives its smoker a more interesting and refreshing feeling.  It also has  an added touch of sweetness and mint  flavor which gives the smoker even more satisfaction.

Smoke her and she will take control of your mind, body and soul.  Lose your mind and find yourself in a psychedelic Californian dream.