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Bubba Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds




Origins: (NL) Bubba x Kush

After making their way from the East Coast to Los Angeles, a few straight Bubba cuttings were crossed with a pure Kush plant, resulting in what we now know as Bubba Kush, named after the person who first grew it. The original “straight Bubba” seeds came from Northern California, and was basically an old school Northern Lights strain.

While usually not quite as potent as OG Kush, this strain is a true Kush classic, and has quite a following. When grown and cured correctly, Bubba Kush has a very specific, somewhat sweet and hashy taste and smell.

This strain is recommended to be planted indoors depending on your area’s natural climate.  As a strain bred from a Kush, the Bubba Kush thrives to extreme conditions like less water and cold climate. Due to this, areas that have warm temperatures may have to simulate a cold environment indoors for the plant to thrive.

The Bubba Kush looks like the ordinary Kush with light green buds, thick leaves, and orange colored hairs. The buds are extremely large and dense.

Bubba Kush plants grow like true indicas, short, with multiple palm tree like branches with heavy tops. With an average flowering period of 7-9 weeks (or late October outdoors), plants should yield top shelf buds covered in red hairs and thc crystals.

This plant however, is on the smaller side of yields (as most Kushes are). Dried Bubba nugs will often be so dense, its hard to break them apart. Grinders hate this strain for its very sticky icky properties. Since she does yield less than some plants, this is a good trade.

When smoked, Bubba Kush goes straight to the head, with a mind numbing effect that slowly spreads down to the rest of the body. This smooth, tasty smoke will make you want to take another hit, but overindulgence can lead to couchlock and major munchies.  Some might consider couchlock an inevitable consequence of Bubba Kush, making this powerhouse indica a perfect go-to strain for evening relaxation,  restful sleep, or a lazy weekend at home.

This is one plant that is good for insomnia, pain and she stimulates hunger in patients with nausea. Great for Glaucoma patients.   She makes people numb and happy!