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Origins: Brazilian sativa x South Indian hybrid

A most infamous strain that since 1994 has won a number of awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, and has acquired acclaim from most corners of the globe – rightly so. It has a pedigree of parentage that combines a Brazilian Sativa with a South Indian hybrid.

The counterpart to her White sibling, Black Widow derives from the same strain that has won a number of awards since the Widow was introduced in 1994. Widow vaieties have received kudos from around the world. The widow strains have high natural THC levels, achieved through selective breeding.

Black Widow parted from her famous sister to follow her own color and genetic destiny. She maintains the resin production that give the variety a white, cobwebbed look. Her name has encompassed the added intrigue of the famous female spider who devours her mate.

The plant has qualities that naturally battle mold and mildew, which makes it good as an indoor plant even if the humidity is high.

This plant’s structure is like a lanky Christmas tree. Black Widow likes TLC to achieve optimum results. For indoor methods, 8 to 10 weeks of flowering are necessary to produce the immense resin of which this plant is capable. In outdoor gardens, high rainfall can result in reduced yield.  Indoors 10 weeks of flowering will be necessary to realize the immense resin production. In the northern hemisphere expect harvest around September/October, having planted as late as June. However, there is a chance that rain could reduce the expected yield.

The plant can be identified with the combination of pale and dark green on its buds along with white hairs covering it all over. The beds are very dense and look like it has been webbed by a spider because of the high amounts of resin it produces.

Black Widow has a pungent, sweet scent with an acrid, ammonia overlay. The smoke’s flavor improves upon the scent, tasting of sweet pine. The high is very lucid, but may sometimes make you want to lie in a hammock and doze.

The black widow has a pleasant fruity aroma. Passionfruit and kiwi are the more dominant scents and a hint of skunk, a little ammonia.

Despite the slight ammonia smell, the bud tastes very fruity.  It leaves a citrusy taste on the tongue every puff that lasts for several minutes.

Although indica dominant, it has sativa effects such as becoming energetic. It comes with a great body buzz and a clear-headed feeling. It is also a great appetite booster. It’s recommended for day time use as it won’t usually cause couch lock unless a lot is consumed.

Medically, the black widow has been used to treat stress-related issues such as anxiety and depression. It is also used to treat the chronic pain brought on by rheumatism and hemorrhoids. It is also a great muscle relaxant that would help people suffering from muscle spasms, body pains, and headaches. Another common use of the strain is an appetite booster in people suffering from anorexia and those infected with AIDS.