Berry Fem Auto

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Berry Feminized Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds




Low Ryder was crossed with a mix of Grapefruit and Blueberry to produce Berry Feminized  Auto-flowering .

It has more flavor, more resin, and a better effect than its mother plants.

Berry Auto-flowering Feminized is short and auto-flowers, therefore it is ready for harvest  within 60 – 70 days from germination.  If grown outdoors, it can begin in March and can be harvested in May.

It produces a wonderful berry fruit smell and taste, thus its name.

Aside from auto-flowering, it is also feminized so you are sure that you will be getting a very high quality marijuana plant.

This is great for new growers, as well, because this is easy to grow and it flowers quickly, regardless of the light used.   It can be grown well indoors and outdoors.