Aussie Blues

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Aussie Blues Marijuana Seeds




Origins: Australian Duck x Blue Haze

Aussie Blues is a cross between Blue Haze and an Australian sativa. Australia is well known as one of the great global spots for sativas. Blue’s 90% sativa mother, the “Duck” or “Boesi” strain, contributes a classic sativa high and the clean musk of a lemon grove to this hybrid.

The haze influence, combined with the dominant sativa, make Aussie Blues a leggy plant that loves to branch and get tall.  She forms branches from the bottom and grows into a slender Christmas-tree shape. You don’t have to be in Australia to get good results with Aussie Blues, but you do need to be in a locale where the weather supports an 11-week flowering cycle and the thermometer stays above 62 degrees Fahrenheit.  In locations that don’t meet this criteria, Aussie Blues can be grown indoors.

The buzz from a haze-sativa is lucid and uplifting, sometimes bordering on the psychedelic. When harvested too early, it can be a little speedy, but at the proper maturation, Aussie Blues delivers the type of high sativa fans love – thoughtful and euphoric, relaxed yet awake and ready to enjoy what the day sends you.