Afghan Fem Auto

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Afghan Feminized Auto-Flowering Marijuana




This Afghan is an indica dominant auto-flowering feminized variety which mostly carries genetics from the Afghan family.  A small amount of sativa influence can be traced due to the addition of Skunk to the mix. Thanks to the Skunk it has become possible to get this variety stable and reliable.

There are no huge changes to the strain, except that it is auto-flowering, and doesn’t depend on a light cycle to enable  it to flower.

Although this Afghan Auto-flowering Feminized won’t get higher than 3 feet inside, it can reach over 3 feet outside with very strong lateral branches.  The Afghan is renowned for its large harvest and this characteristic has been passed on to the auto-flowering Afghan. The buds are therefore large, compact and entirely covered by glistening trichomes.

The taste and scent is robust, spicy, and herbal,  reminiscent of the great Afghan of times gone by.  Simply put,  a variety with spirit.  The effect is relaxed and dreamy, combined with a typical indica body buzz.  Give the buds enough time to dry and let the Rapid Afghan take you back to times long past.

It helps in relieving muscle and nerve pains, tension, and great for improving appetite.

This Afghan is 100% auto-flowering and will complete her life cycle in 65 – 70 days. From seed to harvest!